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Detail: Dizy Terres Rouges rosé

Dizy Terres Rouges rosé - Jacquesson

Manufacturer : Jacquesson

Year : 2008
Region : Francia
Capacity : 75 cl
Grape variety : Pinot noir-pinot munier

Description : Dizy Terres Rouges rosé - Jacquesson

Jacquesson farm 6 hectares of the lieu -dit of Terres Rouge, located in the Premier Cru village of Dizy, and so-called because of its distinctive reddish-brown calcerous soils. The vineyard is shared equally between Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier, but the latter is in the ascendant in 2004, making up 71% of the blend. 2004, after the excesses of 2003, was a much more classic vintage, the excellent September weather contributing to a large but generally highly -regarded crop of fruit.

The wine, having been vinified and aged in oak foudres, combines the classical austerity which one has come to expect from Jacquesson, with a fruity richness that one associates generally with a Rosé, more specifically from one dominated by Pinot Meunier, 10% of which has been added by assemblage. Biscuit, brioche and even hints of pain au raisin here; one is clearly in the boulangerie; then the red berries and gentle herbs, but the low sugar (4 g/l sugar) and oak-influenced winemaking lend a gravitas to the mouth-feel, which is by turns pure, powerful and finely-focused.